We’re pretty sure that here at Oscar & Frank we’re the only eyewear label named in honour of our dogs. While our designs are heavily influenced by all things that make life worth living – art movements, subcultures, fashion houses and any music we dig – the name was inspired by two miniature dachshunds which are now a huge part of our family.
Back in the day when we owned a sunglasses pop-up store, Oscar and Frank would hang out all day, much like us. Soon they were picking up glasses they found lying around and would drop them at our feet – the fashion equivalent of fetching a stick. They’ve since turned into mini identities in their own right, quickly gaining tens of thousands of followers on social media.
Our frames are 100% handcrafted using the highest-quality Italian Mazzucchelli Acetate, top-of- the-line lenses and molded together with durable seven-barrel stainless steel hinges. Oscar & Frank Eyewear is sure to make a bold statement while feeling great to wear and being optically correct at the same time.
Oscar & Frank Eyewear is designed in Australia with a global vision and an international quality to rival the world’s top high-end brands at a mid-range price point.
With a background in industrial design and over a decade of experience in the eyewear industry, we’ve worked relentlessly and passionately to produce a brand which doesn’t follow the well-worn path.
Unsurprisingly, we’re big believers in animal rights and wanted to throw a bone to some important animal welfare organisations. As a customer you’ll appreciate knowing that you are directly contributing to this worthy cause. Currently Oscar & Frank Eyewear is working with BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) and with every purchase we are ‘providing a weeks worth of feed for a dawg in need’.